In the future natural gas combustion engines must adhere to the more stringent emission values for Nitrogen Oxide (NOx). SCR plants from AIR-SONIC can already continuously achieve and surpass the upcoming emission limits.
Thereby, you use the full advantage of a regulated SCR dosage, for the observance of emissions, as well as standing for the low usage of AdBlue.
The complete SCR plant monitors itself and informs of errors, such as cable fractures, or worn catalysts autonomously. This reduces unnecessary downtime and leads to lower maintenance costs. As a feature, you could monitor the plant per remote maintenance (optional) and see all information before you’re even on-site.
As a catalyst supplier we can choose between cost-effective homogenous extruded SCR catalysts and space optimised honeycombed metallic. Thereby, both variants hold the threshold values over a long period of time and are especially thermally stable.    
All systems can also be combined with our high- performance oxidation catalysts. Thereby, the new thresholds of 30mg/Nm³ formaldehyde and in the future 20 mg/Nm³ are no problem and are also available in the same housing as the SCR slide-in.
As the specialist for the total exhaust system, all exhaust relative data are integrated into the layout of the silencer.  This combined with our silencers compact design results in optimised space and cost effectiveness. 

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SCR cassette unit

The view inside an SCR-system

Through selective catalytic reduction nitrogen oxide is removed from the exhaust gas

SCR-system with removable cassettes